The Godinho’s house was originally created to be a super house, however we are proudly small. When it was built in 1937, they did not know that later, we would treat the home with warmth and open the doors to the city, to the citizens of the world. The house has a lot of character & this is how we intend to keep it! It has five rooms with complete en suite, air conditioning and cable TV, with the typical amenities of a real home. The rooms are cosy, simple, yet with sophisticated decor and modern touches. There are two social areas, which are formed from the main rooms of the house. Then there are little nooks in the house, providing soul and character. The outdoor patio allows the serenity to breakfast, newspaper reading, or just the morning sunshine, if the weather permits...
There is a smoking area on the outdoor patio.

It is only 2 minutes walking from the beach of Matosinhos, near the largest park in the city of Porto, with 83 hectares, about 10Kms of footpaths and many green areas. It lies also within 5 minutes walking from the Sea-Life Center. Along the waterfront, ideal for cycling or walking, on any terrace, you can enjoy great views or just the sunset...
The beach has an extensive sandy beach and is one of the recommended beaches for surfing.

The music festival Primavera Sound is held in the town park every year and we are 5 minutes walking from the site.

Unfortunately, our house is not ready to receive your car, however, nearby, about 100 metres; there is a park with very nice conditions for parking...

The City of Matosinhos is by definition the fish's capital with a good hundred restaurants nearby. If you are in Oporto, you can also enjoy a nice drink of port wine or visit the historic centre of Oporto. A short walk away is the metro station and in only 20 minutes will be in the centre of the city. There is also close to the hotel, at your disposal, taxi rank or bus, if you wish to travel around.

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No smoking and no pets allowed

casa do godinho

. Casa do Godinho .

Aderente pleno ao CICAP, sito na Rua Damião de Góis, nº 31 lj 6
4050-225 Porto

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